Seminars held by Francesco Chinello, Martin Olsen, Konstantinos Koumaditis

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 10:00

Oct 5 2017 - h. 10:00 - Meeting room of Santa Chiara Lab

Francesco Chinello, Martin Olsen, Konstantinos Koumaditis of Aarhus University, Department of Business Development and Technology (Herning, Denmark).

Francesco Chinello: "Enabling Technologies in !ndustry 4.0"

Abstract: Recent innovation and enabling technologies in smart systems allow the end-user to experience several sometimes important for company applications. Virtual Reality, Wearables, and Robotics are three different scenarios that are recently gaining attention which seems to be more and more connected together. All the entire scenarios take place in the new context regarding Industry 4.0 we are going to explore in this seminar. How Robotics, Wearables, and Virtual reality are affecting the production of the new manufacturing generation is still the open question that companies and scientist are trying to address in new  century generation.


Martin. Olsen:  "Logistics Operations and Computational Complexity"

Abstract: Current research within logistics operations and computational complexity will be presented. First, the problem of minimizing the space used for storing containers in a container terminal (or a container ship) will be considered. We mainly consider the problem of designing online algorithms that have to make decisions on where to store incoming containers without any information on future containers. This problem also appears in other contexts – for example when assigning tracks to trains at train stations. Secondly, we consider the “Pickup and Delivery”-problem where some objects have to be moved with a separate origin-destination pair for each object. The objective is to compute a plan for moving the objects such that the distance covered by the transportation vehicles is minimized. We look at the challenge of designing asymptotically optimal algorithms for this transportation problem.

Konstantinos Koumaditis: "Human computer interaction in Immersive environment"
Abstract: The seminar will provide a platform for synergies and collaboration. In more detail, the Immersive technologies lab in
BTECH will be presented alongside its past, current and future projects, like VR training, teleoperation, I4.0 and VR, FoC
experimentation, etc. These projects will be depicted with emphasis on the cooperation between our labs and the research potential they hold. Additionally, the scope and members of the interdisciplinary network “Human Computer Interaction in Immersive Environments” will be presented and the forthcoming joined activities proposed.
Thus, an overview of current and future work will be depicted and future cooperation opportunities highlighted.