UNISI/DIISM participates in the BIREX++ EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub) project

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

The kick-off of the BIREX++ EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub) project was held on 12-12-2023 in Bologna in which Prof. Roberto Giorgi of DIISM represents UNISI. BIREX++ brings together 13 Italian excellences in the field of HPC and Big Data Processing to provide European SMEs with a series of innovative services to support their transition towards a more sustainable and digital reality. BI-REX++ is the point of reference to support the process of digitalization of the industry towards advanced digital technologies and, as such, coordinates the key players present on the national territory to collaborate together in support of SMEs, through the following services: test-before-invest; training, and digital skills; networking and access to ecosystems; support for finding investments.