Enrica Martini (UNISI), Marco Faenzi (UNISI) e David Gonzalez-Ovejero (CNRS, Università di Rennes 1) win one of the three awards of the #TeC 2021 - Open Innovation competition

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

One of our research teams composed by Enrica Martini (UNISI), Marco Faenzi (UNISI) and David Gonzalez-Ovejero (CNRS, Universite de Rennes 1) was nominated as one of the award-winning teams of #TeC 2021 - Open Innovation competition promoted by Leonardo and Telespazio, with a project titled ESTATE (Elettromagnetic Skins in meTal By AddiTivE manufacturing). The project improves improve satellites’ payload carrying capacity by replacing their internal frame with smart skins, unleashing the potential of “smart skins” for satellites’ telecommunications, telemetrics and remote detection systems.

Winners of #T-TeC 2021 awarded at Expo 2020 Dubai (telespazio.com)