Indications about the Decree of the Prime Minister of November 3, 2020

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The Decree of the Prime Minister of November 3, 2020 contains a series of new guidelines of interest for the universities which are expected to find immediate application (starting from November 5, 2020, until December 3, 2020).

According to the aforementioned document, all training and curricular activities in presence carried out within the universities is suspended. Only practical and laboratory activities and educational and curricular activities scheduled in the first years of lauree and lauree magistrali are allowed in presence.

Therefore, starting from November 5, 2020, all in-presence lectures of the courses scheduled in the 2nd or following year of lauree and lauree magistrali. These activities will continue to be provided exclusively through distance learning until 3 December 2020, unless otherwise communicated.

With reference to the lectures scheduled in the first year of lauree and lauree magistrali, they will continue to be held in-presence, and are simultaneously transmitted in synchronous or asynchronous distance teaching.

Teachers of courses affected by the suspension of in-presence teaching activities are still allowed to carry out the lectures at the university teaching centers.

At present, all other in-presence teaching activities are also suspended, including OPhDs and Masters.

It should be noted that teaching facilities, departments, laboratories and any other university structure will remain open.

Consistently with the provisions of the Decree of the Prime Minister, we also consider necessary to suspend any in-presence exam.