Elements of Artificial Intelligence

Friday, May 28, 2021
Artificial intelligence (AI) is acquiring an increasingly important role in the lives of all of us. Its applications are present in the most diverse disciplines and are destined to find ever greater relevance in qualified professions. The media language adopted by newspapers and televisions (when, with a now daily frequency, they deal with issues related to AI) is imprecise, often inconsistent, almost always misleading. The media, like a large part of public opinion, seem to take it for granted that there is no need to explain what AI really is as everyone already knows it. Of course this has no objective basis. This course therefore aims to introduce AI to a wide student audience, regardless of the specific course of study undertaken and the previous training of those who decide to attend it. By following the course you will discover what AI really is, what objectives it sets itself, which main techniques it is based on (including some practical demonstrations), what applications it finds today. Different levels of use of the course will be possible according to the backgorund of each student; everyone will be given the opportunity to take possession of the fundamentals and the correct perspective. A cycle of educational workshops (organized by the various Departments of the University interested, in various capacities, in the subject) will complete the course, offering testimonies from experts in the various disciplinary sectors and companies present in the area that are at the forefront of use of AI tools.