PhD Information Engineering and Science

General Information


 Coordinator: Prof. Mauro Barni



The PhD School of Information Engineering and Science of the University of Siena aims at providing future researchers, in both academic and industrial environments, with the background and methodological skills required to promote and deal with scientific and technological innovations in the wide area of information science and technology. This goal is achieved with the help of a highly qualified PhD board and with the availability of well-equipped laboratories and research facilities offered by the Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics hosting the PhD school.
Enrolled students may choose curriculum from the following list: 


  • Automatic Control and Robotics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Complex Systems
  • Computing Systems
  • Decision support methods for management
  • Electromagnetics Engineering
  • Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Electronic Measurements
  • Mathematical Logic and Informatics
  • Telecommunications and Telematics Technologies



The Ph.D. program is administrated by the Department of Information Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (DIISM).The members of the PhD Board belong in large part to DIISM. The duration of the course is three years, which can be extended up to 4 years, for motivated necessities. 
PhD students fulfil their coursework and methodology requirements by attending a number of courses and by devoting an increasing – across the three years – amount of time to research. Every year the school organizes a number of intensive courses, spanning both advanced mathematics and engineering topics, held by renowned international and national experts.
The PhD degree is attained after defending the thesis in front of a committee.
The PhD program is attended by a number of students ranging from 50 to 60, with an average of 25% of students coming from abroad.
Every year there are from 10 to 20 new open positions, half of which funded either by the University or by private institutions and companies. The call is generally issued in May or June, and remains open for 30 days. Applicants must already have the Master degree or get it within the end of October. PhD activities normally start on November, 1.

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