A.I. (Trentin) - Updates & Simulation of Examination on Tue at 2.15pm

Mercoledì, 24 Maggio 2017

*** Please TELL YOUR FRIENDS! ***

As announced in class,

- Regular lectures are over
- On Tue May, 30 the Office Hours are canceled (we apologize)
- On Tue May, 30 the lecture will take place in the form of a simulated exam. This is to let the students get acquainted with the examination procedure, and to answer any residual questions they may have at the closing of the semester. NOTE: THE SIMULATED EXAM IS EXPECTED TO BEGIN AT (ROUGHLY) 2.15 pm. Make sure you check this post on the online DIISM Bulletin Board beforehand for possible updates.

Feel free to contact the Instructor via email amytime you need any infos.