Admition to the Master Degree in Applied Mathematics

In order to be admitted to the Master Degree in Applied Mathematics, the applicant must satisfy the following constraints.


It is required AT LEAST one of the following degrees:

a) degree in the class L-35 (Scienze Matematiche) or in the class L-32 ex dm 509/99;

b) degree in one of the following classes ex D.M.270/04 (or in the equivalent classes

ex D.M.509/99, whose number is in brackets - together with the name, if it is different):

L-7 Ingegneria civile ed ambientale (8);

L-8 Ingegneria dell'Informazione (9);

L-9 Ingegneria industriale (10);

L-18 Scienze dell'economia e della gestione aziendale (17);

L-27 Scienze e tecnologie chimiche (21);

L-30 Scienze e tecnologie fisiche (25);

L-31 Scienze e tecnologie informatiche (26);

L-33 Scienze economiche (28);

L-41 Statistica (37 Scienze statistiche);

Moreover, applicants who have a degree among those listed at point b) are admitted only if their curriculum at least 36 CFU’s in MAT/xx sectors, from MAT/01 to MAT/09.

Applications of students whose degree has been granted by a foreign university, will be evaluated by the Teaching Commitee. The evaluation will check, in particular:

- that the degree has been granted at the end of a course of study of at least three years;

- that the studies fit into the requisites of the degree classes indicated above.


Applicants who satisfy the curricular are subject to an evaluation, by the Teaching Committee, of the quality of their curriculum, possibly followed by an interview.

In the evaluation, the Teaching Committee will check that the applicant knows the English language up to level B2, as established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

All applicants are subject to the interview except those whose curriculum satisfies all the following requirements:

- the degree mark is not below 95/110;

- the curriculum contains at least 6CFU in MAT/01 (Mathematical Logic) and/or MAT/02 (Algebra);

- the curriculum contains the certificate of English language knowledge up to level B2.

The criteria for the admission are also provided in the section Evaluation of the web site: .